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Creandi LAB Faq


What do I bring home from CREANDI LAB "Start"?

At the end of the CREANDI LAB "Start" course you will have had the opportunity to:

  • share your Hobby, Passion or Business Idea

  • received constructive feedback on this matter

  • experimented with individual and group exercises

  • composed of part or all of the Business Canvas (tool for defining key areas of the Business)

  • have the list of your key objectives and part or all of the action plan to achieve them

  • Know the steps needed to turn your goddess into a business

  • met a group of people with whom you will be able to discuss or collaborate even after this event.

What CREANDI LAB "Start" is not

CREANDI LAB does not offer personal consultancy for the development of your own Idea, this is possible through two of our other services: Individual Coaching Path or through CREANDI LAB "Advanced". Furthermore, it does not offer guarantees of success of the Business presented by the participant, who decides freely and responsibly how to spend his or her time, energy and finances for its implementation.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can request the cancellation of your participation, therefore obtaining a refund, as required by law, within 14 days of the payment made (registration).

What are the release methods of CREANDI LAB

Before the start, each participant will receive an email containing all the instructions for accessing the Zoom platform that will be used by the Trainer.

During the event the following will be presented: thematic inputs, group coaching, individual and group exercises, sharing, constructive feedback and the PDF with all the slides used by the trainer.

How many participants are there at each CREANDI LAB

To maintain a high quality of service, the number of participants for each CREANDI LAB will be limited. In case of extra requests for participation, they will be postponed to the next CREANDI LAB.

And after the CREANDI LAB "Start"?

At the end of the CREANDI LAB "Start" you can:

  • Conduct targeted individual or group coaching sessions.

  • Participate in the CREANDI LAB "Advanced" dedicated to the in-depth analysis and detailed development of your business idea.

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